Comment: Here is my takeaway...

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Here is my takeaway...

I don't know what I believe but I'm also not sure it's all that important to just have a forensic discussion. So in all the pics I've seen, the only person that I've seen that has clear cut major wounds is Jeff Bauman. Perhaps that's because people aren't posting pics of other people and their major injuries because it doesn't fit the "staged" meme. So does anyone have any links to pics of other people with either mortal or significant visual injury? Lord, that sounds morbid.

And aren't all the pics we see from the one bomb and not the second explosion? I don't recall seeing pics from the second explosion. Was not much damage done at that one?

So my broader point from "what I've seen" is that you have Jeff Bauman who experienced horrible wounds but everyone around him appears to just be dazed and a bit scratched up. What can vaporize somebodies legs but just scratch the people right next to him?

This is just my observation and I am positive I don't have all the data. So please add whatever you can to the conversation.

That is all.