Comment: I'm sorry that you're upset

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I'm sorry that you're upset

But I think your emotion and your assumptions are getting in the way of a good debate.

-I never called you a moron.
-I don't mean to mock you.
-I don't want you to 'lose it'

All assumptions about me created by you.

Why do you keep saying that I'm "abusing" pot? Have I told you my "pot consuming" schedule? And according to you, how much pot is "too much" for one to consume? How do you know I smoke pot? Because I defend it's position within (or not in) the Bible? How much pot does one need to consume to be "drunk" in God's eyes? You know that some countries consume cannabis before they pray? What a coincidence, no?

These are all facts that are important to understand if we are to have a debate. Problem is, you keep defending your position without any actual evidence that God has said "smoking cannabis is a sin."

Why did God say "Do not lay with another man" or "Thou shall not kill." That's pretty direct, if you ask me. Why do other things need to be interpreted and ASSUMED to be pushed as "truth" or "God's word" if MEN wrote the Bible?

I have never in my life questioned my Creator, but my Creator didn't write the Bible. The Bible was written by MEN and MEN are capable of being corrupted...OR...interpretting differently. Were some things written in the Bible 100% fact? I say yes. Is everything in the Bible 100% fact? I say no.

I thought you were leaving the Daily Paul, Patriot, but I guess that isn't true either.

That must make you a man.

God Bless.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.