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I am fully aware of the FBI

monitoring this. That's why I am putting this here. They need to see that their tyranny is destroying our peace and the rule of law. I am a peaceful man. My whole intent with efforts in Law is to find logical pathways in law to ensure fair justice is maintained and no violence is ever initiated. Of course in todays scramble brained world this is now "terrorism". Basically their boogie man hunt for "terrorists" is one of if you don't submit to their control then you are a "terrorist" That is ridiculous and demonstrates clearly their mens rea intent to destroy the peace of innocent people who do only wish to be left alone and have the protections of law. The whole point of the tools I am referring to are to find criminals. Of course I might be a terrorist for this because I don't want to be criminals harming me. The level of crime has grown to an unacceptable level to where better tools are needed to maximize protection and we can't count on criminal tyrants who forced the use of a mathematically guaranteed to fail currency to offer any protections. This much is clear.

It is also clear that from the nightmare weapons being developed by the military and their stated intended use to "microwave protestors inside the United States" who the real terrorists are. Yes I met the General who invented these microwave weapons and believe me you take one look at that guy and you can know right away that he indeed spent 20 years testing low power versions of these weapons on himself. His skin is all burned and matted. He literraly loks like he got cooked in a microwave because he did. He was a 1 star general in the Air Force's directed energy weapons lab in Colorado and last time I knew got a job at a University.

That's the future they are building for us along with their concentration camps and even death camps, I have seen the world's largest crematorium facility outside of Houston. 3 Massive gas chambers with built in incinerators each larger than a football field. So who is the Terrorist? Let me guess in your chucklehead world this is all fantasy and delusions of grandeur and I am a dangerous terrorist for wanting to the rule of law for protections right? I have even seen exactly how their compartmentalization has been setup for implementing such machinations of mass death designed to implement this without only a small few really knowing what is actually happening. That is the strategic logic playground for them. Well funded, secret, and calculated in the logic of successful processing of mass death. But I guess all of this is BS right?

Instead of attacking me for wanting to good things maybe you should be looking at this as opportunity to explore ideas for returning to the rule of law for you and your families protections from insane psychopathic tyrannical barbarians.

If I wanted to be "terrorist" all I would have to do is keep working for the "government". I left because I did not want to be associated with the invention and engineering of such machinations of terrorism. What's a jury going to say that? Oh maybe that's why they don't want access to juries for "terrorists". Ya Think?

No need to worry about me. I have my head screwed on straight and only want peace and its protection from the rule of law. And no supercomputers aren't required for the tools because the supercomputer is already in the human mind we just need the proper memory storage and strictly constructed recall to assist the human mind in its imperfect memory recall and organization so that the human mind can operate at its peak performance capability.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...