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Don't get upset because this is the problem.

We are just having a discussion because none of us were there. I'm taking emotion out of this. I see the picture of the girl you are referring to now and when I first saw it, I did not know that was the girl who was reported dead and I also couldn't tell from the angle the shot was taken that those were her legs because I was looking at all sorts of stuff in the pics. People were on top of people, etc.

As for the second woman you linked to, I had seen her pic from from the actual event which doesn't give much detail but not her post-op pics. That was one of the points of my post was to ask for links to those types of things because they aren't being reported in the "staged" meme posts.

So thank you for providing links. I still don't see why anyone has to be mad at anyone for discussing this topic. People aren't up in arms about hundreds of children being obliterated by drone bombings. Where is the post that lists all the acceptable topics that can be discussed without worry that people will associate you with Infowars.

Alex Jones is agitator as far as I'm concerned.