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Just an update here. Sam and

Just an update here. Sam and Yvonne have not heard anything about whether they will get their money back and they are confident that the government will be keeping their medicine. They are currently trying to find other alternatives. Yvonne's health seemed to be improving during the treatments, but she's weakening now. They are looking at many options, thank you all so much for your recommendations.

We did have the opportunity to share the Liberty ramifications of this immoral raid on a radio show called AxXiom for Liberty on the Logos Radio Network. Many eyes are being opened to the tyranny that protects the cartels plundering our wealth, which is good, but I hope that we can also find actual healing treatment for Yvonne through all of this.

I did not intend to post this article as plea for money, however since the $13,000 that they paid for the Camelot treatment is in limbo, they are desperate for funds to seek out another alternative. If you are so inclined you can help out here: