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of the drama queen nonsense. I'm putting this now 2nd "suicide note" on read only. If you want to leave then leave quietly. You did this last time with your "The trolls win I'm outta here" thread and you were back within a week. It's a distraction frankly, and shows a lack of maturity.

If you want to continue preach/minister to the unwashed masses here, I would ask you to reflect on this.

You state that you have several small children at home. Are they getting the effort and guidance that you are trying in some cases to impose here? I would make sure my OWN house was in order before I went trying to convert and preach to others.
Secondly, why is it that you seem to be so starved for attention? Why must everything be such a big dramatic vein popping production with you? Is there something missing in your life that leads you to do this?

Obviously you won't be able to reply on this thread any longer, and I'm not really interested in reading a separate response on another thread you've created. These questions are meant for you to quietly reflect on. If you aren't able to quietly step away and take a break when needed and create yet another "I'm outta here" thread, I'm going to take you seriously, and consult with the other mods, and make that a reality for you. The quivery lipped temper tantrums are getting old.