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not a literal book

just what i have experienced form GP's,pain specialists,neurosurgeons,
including ones who did spinal taps
the problems i have,that i will talk about is my back
one DR told me i had carpal tunnel!!,I said,isn't that in the wrist
she responds OH YEAH,NEVER MIND
i was put on oxy,morphine and Vicodin, i dropped down to 114 lbs,lost all my muscle tone, a pain specialist out me on patches,now the directions said no one should take these if under 120lb,under this DR's direction,only to later get violently ill,called the DR,was told just to wear it LOWER !! i know it might take a bit longer to travel and i would end up the same way,the DR agreed,but only after i pointed out yet another fact
i went in for a spinal,the (DR) who performed this this never informed me i had to lie flat or i would headaches,this so called DR gave me a paper with his name,picture and info on it,after getting home
i was getting bad headaches,so i called the DR on that paper
the woman informed me there was no DR on staff by that name
so after looking online,i spent a week on my back to fix their mistake
while on them pain meds a week out of every month i would go through
what felt like the flu,but my body was sweating out what felt like hand lotion ( i was being poisoned)this went on for yrs.
i finally weaned myself off them and to this day just deal with the pain
i went in for a back operation,while in a halo it fell off the holding bracket,my wife heard them call over the loud speaker
code blue or whatever they say when one dies on the table,she knew it was me
when i wake up from the op,my head is stuck to the pillow,i had bled from around the staple they put in from the halo falling and had dried to it.
my face was bruised and scratched,a fat lip and 5 staples in the back of my head
the DR did the wrong bone in my neck,and causing more damage besides what i already had
i went in for a nerve induction test,when the DR got to spot in my spine,he kept redoing over and over,he looked at the one recording the results and said change to room temp on the sheet there (this was done,i believe,as cooler temps have different resistance,so i passed that test twice
and to this day since feb 2001,not one DR has looked or even checked my complaints,which start in my neck and travel into my right arm,my right shoulder grinds and cracks,and if i move too much
just goes numb,now i cannot pick up a gallon of milk,and i used to be
able to pick up automatic transmissions !!
this is just a sample of what i have put to print

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence