Comment: Disgust, not fear was my reaction

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Disgust, not fear was my reaction

Ever since Bin Laden's "capture" (which I immediately knew was a big fat lie), the media has been pummeling us with lies to where I don't believe a word they say anymore.

I knew immediately Boston was a set-up, a false flag, and that the "patsies" were not the danger, but the FBI that allowed this to happen instead of preventing yet another "almost-bombing." Come to find out these "Russian/Muslem" brothers might not even be involved in harming anyone, even as patsies, fills me with disgust. Come to further suspect that quite a few actors may be involved in pretending to be victims and that some photos were "staged" is way beyond the top of the disgust meter.

I'm further disgusted at the way the cheering, dumbed down slave-people welcome the jackboot on their face under the illusion of "keeping them safe" from the big, bad terrorists -- who, ironically, are the very ones entrusted with keeping them safe. I do not consider them fellow Americans. They are an embarassment to our country. Funny thing is, they think the "conspiracy theorists" are the embarassment, but we are the ones that actually care about the Big Brother prison that the country is turning into.

Speaking of upside down, it's Orwellian that "truthers" (someone questioning what they're told & doing their own investigations) has become a derogatory term -- as if believing "liars" is something to be proud of. Sadly, I can't think of the last "event" that happened anywhere near the way the media & government claimed it did!!!