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Comment: Ok, I always admire it when

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Ok, I always admire it when

Ok, I always admire it when someone can keep from calling names so you have my respect. Kids SHOULD be crazy though it may be hard for the parent =)

Even the owner has seen fit to ban some members for implying Baumann is an actor so it should not surprise you that people who are not close to him can still find it offensive.

Most conspiracies are internal. Giving favorable contracts, subsidies, caving to regulatory pressures from lobbyists. Add to that the fact that people may have incentive to go to war for which riteous rationalizations are always available and you have the enemy of liberty.

These little conspiracies? Tilting at windmills in my opinion.

They accomplish nothing for the powers. TPTB as you call them are not as intelligent as you think and certainly do not plan some great enslavement 100 years in the future.

The decisions are irrational, emotional, spur of the moment, for immediate gain.

What you see as conspiracies are emergent, chaotic processes rather than a planned assault on liberty. The enemy is hard to beat simply because it is diffuse. So diffuse that even though you can see it, it is not yet self-aware.