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Saw it last weekend

and really enjoyed it more than I expected to. I agree that it is a very pro-liberty movie disquised as a slick sci-fi actioner. Though, the people that don't recognize the disguise are most likely not awake in this world yet either. I'm just glad that movies such as Oblivion and Cloud Atlas are still being made in today's era of state-worshipping propaganda.

These movies, like Terminator, Star Wars, the Matrix, and even the Hunger Games, serve as cautionary tales, in my opinion. They look at the world today to see what paths we're walking now and try to predict where those paths may or will take us later.

I say it's just a shame that cautionary tales such as these have to be disguised within the science fiction genre (though, many times the reality that is being predicted comes to exist in one respect or another) in order for them to be made into big-budget Hollywood movies. Why can't a tale like Oblivion be told using present day settings, characters, and themes? After all, great atrocities are committed by our very own government using technology that, 20 years ago, would have seemed very sci-fi to us. Instead, most of the films about politics of the day that come out of Hollywood display government agents as heroes while mostly ignoring the evils of the very agencies they operate out of. Fighter planes only fight the bad guys, special operatives only kill the criminals indiscriminately, spying agencies are only out there looking for the big, bad foreign threat that is seeking to destroy America, etc.

What is the greater fiction, that which is portrayed in Oblivion or that which the government swears is truth in Zero Dark Thirty?

I won't hold my breath for the day when science fiction quits reflecting reality more than the "realistic" movies put out to sooth the masses in Hollywood.