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I upvoted your last comment.

But it's comments like your last one that I like interacting with because we see things differently but we should be able to work through how each other came to their own conclusions and respect each other even though they may not be the same thought leaps we would have made ourselves.

Anytime you are talking about dead people you are walking on eggshells. Especially if they died in an event such as this. But I guess my brain is able to separate the loss of individual lives with the event itself. And if I were a police officer (which I am not) or detective, I would hope I could do this as well. Because it's so human to look at the carnage and destruction and jump onto the easiest explanation and the most understandable one as well. Who wouldn't want to file these images away quickly and punish the most "likely" perps they can find as soon as they could. It's clean and easy.

So where I diverge from your explanation of why would the TPTB want this event is actually for the very thing that came out of it. The prime-time rollout of the police state in all its glory with the people of the city cheering them on while they are forcibly removed from their homes. It was quite a show and it has a psychological effect just as the site of those skyscrapers coming down did. It is more subtle but it has resonance.

You do something like this during a time it is deemed "acceptable" by the public and they become desensitized to it. This allows you to do it more and more for even less worthy causes. To the point where we are talking about a good month being one where we were allowed out of our houses for more days of the month than we weren't. Yes, this is drastic but we liberty minded folks know what the slippery slope is. So could this have all been arranged (more or less) to allow for this response?

I can't say with certainty, but I also can't take it off the table. But I know I want as much data as I can get my hands on. I'm hoping for the best though.

I don't call people names BTW. That's called an ad-hominem attack and the only place for that is the school yard. :)