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Hey Micah68

I don't know what is wrong with the other thread but the reply buttons are missing. So I randomly chose this thread to answer your question here:

I believe in Messiah Yahshua and that he did offer himself as a sacrifice for our sins. In order to obtain salvation we must repent of our sins and endeavor to lead righteous aka lawful lives. He did away with the Levitical Priesthood and became our High Priest who has paid the ultimate sacrifice once and for all for the remission of sins which negates the need for animal sacrifice.

This does not mean we can continue in sin and it does not mean that the Law is void because sin is the transgression of the Law. But unlike the nation of Israel under Levitical Law, we are in no position to carry out punishment for breaking the His Law. We are to lead by example just as Yahshua did and is a pattern for us.

So yes I believe that New Testament teaching has been skewed for various reasons and many Christians never consider the Old Testament thus making there understanding flawed. Paul told Timothy that Scripture is good for instruction in righteousness and the only Scripture Timothy had was the Old Testament.

Anyway I don't want to get too long winded as you know us Bible thumpers can get some times. :-)