Comment: A smoke isn't a smoke isn't a smoke.

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A smoke isn't a smoke isn't a smoke.

OP, please read this publicly available article on the Toxicity of Nicotine:

This toxicity isn't changed by the method of use, be it a patch, gum or vaporizer. Those methods often deliver *more* nicotine than smoking, because burning tobacco destroys some of the nicotine ingredients.

If the e-cig liquid formula contains nicotine, then yes, it is a hazard to health. Don't be duped between "smoke" and "not smoked". It isn't that simple. Smoking Dandelions or lettuce isn't the same as smoking a plant such as tobacco that contains nicotine.

I do not agree with banning E-cigs, but the general public does need to be aware that Nicotine itself is toxic, and yes, YOU CAN DIE from overdose.