Comment: Very interesting thoughts.

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Very interesting thoughts.

Very interesting thoughts. I think you might be right about the motivation.

I'm a bit more skeptical though about the potential success of any such tenuous alliance. McConnel fought Rand tooth and nail with Grayson. He is a good old boy for the establishment, and that makes me nervous.

Rmemeber what happens to those that make deals with the devil!

I would rather have more tea party (I.e. non neocon) senators in the senate than the majority.

As a movement we have already proven that we can overcome any perceived majority several times. Case in point is the new anti 2nd amendment rules. We squashed it and the Democrats had the majority. Yet! Establishment Republicans yelled at our representatives for threatening a filibuster.

So, lets focus on removing all the old guard of neocon and fascist principles. Vote them all out!