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Comment: Its less specific than that.

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Its less specific than that.

There are numerous reasons why rand would endorse Mitch. Not least of which Mitch has become a strong supporter and ally in the senate.

This equals:
More Republican acceptance of Rand, and thus of his "radical" views.
More legislative leverage.
Quid Quo Pro- if rand strikes first with paying Mitch favors, he gets to chose on his own terms when and how he does it. This maintains his integrity of principle while leveraging himself to an advantage in the relationship.
McConnell has been of great help to Rand and he is in the strongest position of power of anyone who supports rand or his views. If he's out then some piece of shit neocon will take over the leadership.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. Politics is simple for someone with no integrity. Do what's gets you elected. If Mitch gets elected, expect to see him on the liberty band wagon in earnest. Not because he is all of a sudden convicted, but because that's what will have gotten him there. After that, all rand will need to do is just say the word and his loyal fan base in Kentucky will oust him at their earliest convenience.