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Alrighty then:

Vast list of everything Nikola Tesla and his "Free Energy Devices" with patent #'s:

Stan Meyer's Fuel Cell on video and patent #'s:'s_water_fuel_cell#Lawsuit

To be fair, you could debate that a court found Meyer's invention "fraudulant," even though Meyer video recorded the mileage and output power in all of his experiments.

*Patent numbers listed at bottom on Wiki*

Here's a weird one: John Searl had a patent issued to him, but it comes up "blank" and says "full text not available." So, there's a patent number issued on this one, but there is no text to read. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want:

In a previous reply to me, you said this:

"If someone had a FUNCTIONAL "over-unity device" there would be absolutely nothing preventing them from securing a patent."

And I agree with you: most governments suppress this information.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.