Comment: Omfg *sigh*

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Omfg *sigh*

"There were no tanks in Boston." And then they show a picture of a FUCKING BRADLEY compared to an MRAP (whatever that POS was). All because the MRAP in that picture didn't have any mounted weapons attached. O'dumbass goes on to say, "It's as scary as a vehicle that carries cash." hahahahahaha! My God can someone pass the truth-blunt to this guy?

"Look at the TIRES on this police vehicle. Now look at the TIRES on this TANK." Dumbass has never seen a Stryker = all wheeled personnel vehicle that are suppose to withstand IED's (EFP's). Those have wheels, too, ignoramus.

"No one was thrown out of their homes by police." That's just a blatant lie:

I'm putting Lawerence O'Donnell up there with Bill O: blatant lies and cherry picking arguments.

Another MSM shill, sucking on the teet of tyranny.

Fu** you, traitor.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.