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I can explain.

Who would listen?

Theft is theft, demonstrated by every thief each time the thief thieves. Why cover that up with the word government?

If if is theft then that is what it is, and who is to say if it is theft or not, and which method do you prefer when you are the thief?

Trial by Jury based up Sortition worked.

I read about it here:

I can go into great detail concerning this viewpoint I have, which is not mine alone, whereby the concept of self-government, or Free Market Government, works, and it works the way it works, when it works the way it works, and there are examples.

If the word government is a synonym for theft, according to you, then it may be difficult for me to understand the process by which you prefer in avoiding being victim to theft, unless it is your understanding that being a thief is how to avoid being a victim of theft.

I can ask.

What method do you prefer yourself, something I can copy, and use myself, to avoid being a victim of theft?

Same goes for coercion.

Here is a measure of concern along those lines:

To me that is not government.

To me that is inculpatory evidence defining a crime in progress.

That crime in progress happens to be the so called "Law of the Land."

Crimes made Legal is one thing.

Due Process of Law is not the same thing, or is it according to you?