Comment: I'd love to hear you make some sense.

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I'd love to hear you make some sense.

First Rand says that anarchists are not collectivists---specifically she says they are "anarchists instead of collectivists." Then she turns around and says they are collectivists, contradicting herself.

The entire point (of Rand's comments and your post) is clearly irrelevant, however. The reason for that, first of all, is that anarchy is not a "system."

That does not mean that I cannot tell you what I am. I am a human being who does not consent to the idea that other human beings have a claim on my life beyond the expectation that I do not exercise aggression against them. Now, you may say that you need a "system" to make sure I don't exercise aggression against you, but you would be wrong. You may also say that I have no means to make sure others do not exercise aggression against me. You may be right or you may be wrong.

You may have a point (though it's far from clear that you have the ability to understand or express it) that I do not have the means to defend myself against aggression as an individual. It can certainly be argued that no one does, though some individuals may disagree. But let us say, for the sake of argument, that I feel insecure as an individual. Let us say that both of us do. Therefore, we will seek some means of collective defense, and you seem to suggest that this makes us both collectivists. Fine. Since we are both collectivists, however, your attempt at a distinction is meaningless (drivel).

One could attempt to lend some meaning to what you might be trying to say by drawing the distinction between voluntary collective action/preparation/defense and other means to the same collective end. Yours for example would be through the imposition of a "system." That is, you would be willing to enslave others to provide for the mollification of your perceived insecurity. I am more inclined to the idea of free men agreeing together to fight for their self defense if necessary---no system, no state, no government required. That's a manifestation of anarchy, but it's not a system. Those who participate do so because they have made their own informed decision to voluntarily do so. Or at least their decisions to do so, and the consequences of their being informed or not, are their own.

As I understand it, then, Rand is a collectivist in that she is determined to enslave others to and through her "system." In this way, she becomes not only an incoherent contradictory babbler, but a hypocrite as well. Nice.