Comment: She's saying (just as I am) that Anarchists are frauds

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She's saying (just as I am) that Anarchists are frauds

She's saying (just as I am) that Anarchists are frauds who offer no solution that works in the real world, and that you're an insult to thinking people. That's what YOU'RE saying too. You're saying that you're a fraud who DOES endorse collectivism and isn't offering any real system. What you're offering is "drivel", pointless slogans and no real system.

She has you pegged.

"anarchy is not a system."

I know. It's a mental disorder. It's what a person wants when they have no idea what it is that threatens their liberty and condemn the idea of justice. It's what a loser wants when they can't win the debate, get elected or find anybody willing to follow them into chaos and destruction. It's what a person becomes when they decide that they're surrounded by stupid morons, sheep, retards and imbeciles who deserve chaos and destruction. It's what a person wants when they can't tell you what it is they actually want.

Anarchism is a means to an end. It gets replaced by what you claim to hate, government. Most Anarchists are actually just Communists who sell Communism as voluntary. It's never voluntary for long. It doesn't work for a reason. I don't care that you don't understand why it fails. I'm not interested in letting you Anarchists find out. Go fight for your Communist utopia just don't ever pick up a gun in my country Anarchist, because you'll face justice.

"I am a human being who does not consent to the idea that other human beings have a claim on my life beyond the expectation that I do not exercise aggression against them."

I didn't say you aren't a human being, and justice has nothing to do with taking your life or liberty unless you exercise aggression against another. Are you NOT willing to pay your share for justice and self defense? Your whole idea of Anarchism is based on the assumption that you ARE. (are you a fraud?) Then win the debate, or run for office, but don't think you're going to live like a freeloader while running your Anarchist mouth. You'll just end up getting hurt. (Damnation awaits.)

The only legitimate purpose of government is to defend liberty, to serve justice, and unlike you, I AM offering a system. It's called a Constitutional Republic. I'm sorry you aren't interested in it, but that really doesn't matter to me. I can't convince everybody, and I don't need to. Don't try and "opt out, just get out Anarchist. Nothing is stopping you. Run to wherever it is that Anarchists go.

Or better yet, live a life of poverty. You won't have anything people covet. Roll like Jesus. Throw off all your worldly possessions and start your ministry. Nobody will come looking for you or try to extract taxation for what you need; justice. Consider the justice you receive a gift from us to you.

You don't have a country all your own. You're going to have to pay for justice or all you're going to get is injustice. You can't get rid of injustice by snapping your fingers and saying there's no need for justice in the first place.

If want to serve justice, you're going to have to use force, and you're going to have to create a system of justice, due process, but you offer no system. Like you said, you offer NOTHING but Anarchist drivel.

I'm glad you need to pretend that you're NOT going to exercise aggression against people, because that leaves you Anarchists completely impotent and without a means of EVER get what you want. What you want is chaos, destruction, and Anarchy. So keep dreaming.

All you can do is what Ayn Rand said, use slogans and drivel. Americans see you Anarchists for what you are, and that's what makes Anarchists a repellent force. All they can do is drive people away from the very idea of liberty and into a statists arms.

That's why I say the only logical explanation is that you KNOW Anarchists are statist frauds; Communists acting as a repellent force driving people away from liberty and offering no system or solutions, only drivel.