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Thank you Michael. Now

I will go in the garden and tend to the Tomatoes (2-1/2 feet tall now), the peppers, beans, melons, etc...

Life is too short my friend and you seem to understand. I am so happy you and your wife are safe. I wish you the best.

None of us knows what is really coming but I suspect you will survive for the goodness of your heart and the support of your wife. That is how I live my days. Susan keeps me somewhat grounded. Business is good but I come home and enjoy the really small things. When I tie a tomato plant up to the post and smell the odor that srteamlines its way to my nose it is like sex to a tomcat. I get excited and then comes the realization that all is good. The soil in my hands gives creedance to my love of this earth.

Damn, got lost in the moment, O'Donnel is just LOST. Nothing more and nothing less. He will perish with most in this country when it counts most. It is because he LOVES NOTHING but fame and himself. Love comes from loving the smallest of gifts GIVEN!

The DP keeps giving even when it doesn't seem too!

Peace my friend.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.