Comment: Michael, you and many family members here have

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Michael, you and many family members here have

inspired me more than any of you know( Many Thanks to Jefferson). Hell, back in 2010 you all convinced me to take a chance. In 2011, my partner and I bought a dealership. 2012, as I told my partner I could payoff the debt in 18 months I got 1/2 paid in 9.

Then we move locations and purchased another 4 franchises. It looks good for the business. Sometimes we must look beyond the negativity. Ron has told us that the end is near. I do really belive that is the case. I just happen to think it is a few more years away.

Negativity is to the detriment of EVERYONE here at the DP!

I am prospering when most are not. Will it last? I really don't know but, I purchase as it will not, but sell as it is a new beginning.

NOW most of you know my many years here as BMWJIM, JIMR1150GS and just as Jim Whitehead. I am a BMW biker, NOVICE gardener and ZEN (kick back and read a book in the greenhouse in winter smelling the soil) Gardener(Self registered, Lol!) that loves the soil, paved roads, and most every person I have ever met.

Seriously, I have been helped here on the DP throughout my wifes cancer, good times and bad and nothing but LOVE came out of it.

As many of you know, I will be at the Spring Festival in Mansfield, MO next Sunday and Monday learning everything our Geat Grandparents knew. Come see me if you recognize me. (Just a hint, S1000RR). Would love to meet you. I am trying to bring back helping your neighbors and friends.

Sorry for rambling Michael. Had a couple glasses of wine and as you know, TRUTH spouts from the grape that has been distilled. LOL!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.