Comment: fraud?

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I would ask where you come up with "fraud," but you couldn't answer. Even according to your ill-advised system which we all have to endure, you can't and couldn't bring any "charges" against me for fraud.

In any case, you admit that you endorse collectivism too, so does that make us both frauds?

So you have your constitutional republic. How's that workin' out for ya?

As far as I can see, your constitutional republic has nothing to do with liberty nor justice. Contrary to your assertion, it has absolutely no legitimate purpose. It's only purpose is to make evil appear to be legitimate. It works like this: You get a bunch of your friends to sign a piece of paper that says we have the right to steal from you (taxes), and that makes it OK.

That's stealing resources from others. Their resources are the product of their labor and constitute part of their life. So in fact, I do know what threatens my liberty. Just as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and many others agreed: Government is the primary threat to liberty.

I don't have a "share" in your theft. I am willing to pay for my own justice and defense, and if you're honest with yourself, you know that that has nothing to do with being aggressive. But you admit that your system is built on aggression.

I'm offering you a solution for that. It's not a system of enslavement, so you might not like it, but it is definitely a solution. It appears to be, in fact, the only thing that works in the real world. Your constitutional republic---in the real world---is the tyranny we have now. Your system is a failure from every possible viewpoint. That's some "solution" you've got there.

I know what I want. I want you to start thinking rationally.

There can be no debate until you do that.

It is possible too that I will get hurt. Are you going to try to hurt me? That's fine. Give it your best shot. But I'm not leaving. You don't own me. You don't own my land. I will not run. Again, if you want to try to make me leave, give it your best shot. (Shall I ask if you're a "fraud" at this point?)

Just remember: You don't have a country all your own. As long as I'm here, there will be things you can't control and steal. Some little part of this land is mine. I don't need to pretend I'm not going to exercise aggression. I'm not. But you need not pretend I won't defend myself. (You seem to be perception-challenged on that point.)

As far as picking up a gun, I've done that. You should too. Every American should. The discipline and critical thinking it would take for you to learn how to shoot would do wonders for you.

I wish you all the best.