Comment: No matter the sophistry

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No matter the sophistry

No matter the sophistry involved (e.g. a fancy constitution that would lead you to believe otherwise), the true relationship of the state/citizens is always owner/owned, respectively. There's no reasonable dispute of this reality. In this very respect, history has already repeated itself a thousand times, and it will do so ad infinitum.

It follows, then, that OF COURSE their position is that they own your children, and are merely kind enough to allow you to keep them at home under certain conditions...

For now.

Hell, they declare ownership of YOU at birth (what do you think citizenship IS?), so why would you think they'd take a different position on your children?

Don't misunderstand me. After all, I'm a homeschooling dad. To say that it doesn't surprise me is NOT to say that it doesn't sicken me.

It turns my stomach.