Comment: I have been in heavy thought about this

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I have been in heavy thought about this

On April 14, my baby brother a Army vet, disbaled, quadplegic for 26 years, went to have a few drinks with a friend who had just lost his wife. They were racing back to my brother's place. My brother had a outstanding wheelchair, battery powered with a puff and sip that enabled him mobility. He was going pretty fast when he hit a pick and flipped. Ambulance took him to the VA, where my sister daid he was awake and in good spirits. They hooked him up to IV, and within 8 hours he was dead. There was an autopsy because they claimed they did not know why he died, and the autopsy revealed he had died from a heart attack. He was 50. Ran a concession stand with Truckee River Rafting in Reno. He died at the Reno VA.

Do I think they killed him?


His next of kin are his children and they would care if they thought there was money in it, other than that.. they don't care. I care, but being a sibling = biological unit (ignor).