Comment: If I had the money and skills

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If I had the money and skills

I would be gone in a heartbeat.

It would take a good deal of money and hard work for the first four years or so.

Find out how much cash it would take to live a four year plan.

And as a hot rod guy, don't sell the hot rods! :)

Do you have any experience as a mechanic? Old cars are not difficult to work on. My father and I barter and trade parts, often sending free stuff to young people my age or younger who are getting into classic cars. I work and learn and my dad reaps the benefits (none - break even - it's education)

One of my friends owns a garage for classic cars and is a realtor, working for himself and doing good while having fun. He's making good money and working on his own terms. I'm a fairly happy wage slave. He's a happy mechanic and realtor. His mom is amazing and she's my second mother. She's probably the only reason I could ever raise a child on my own. If she could do it so could I. She raised a whole family.

Maybe you could barter some parts for farming equipment. But know your stuff beforehand. Luckily, a lot of classic car enthusiasts and hot rodders are also into farming and many are very generous when it comes to trade, and honest too. But there are ripoff artists out there.

My dad told me he would come back from the grave if he found out I sold one of his rods and someone put a chevy motor in it.

I like classic old cars though, like the Model A. They are so simple and easy to work on. I learned starting from about 3 years old.

Aside from Tesla (other than the oncoming the battery disposal issue) and Lotus (not so much, haven't worked on one but guessing by compartment size it's definitely squeezed), I do not like new vehicles. Every new year they are harder to work on and more compact in the engine compartment. Too much computer crap too..

Tinkering on old vehicles is fun. And not too hard to learn. It's a good skill.

I can't say much but if it were me I would make sure I had enough cash for four years and then make a run for it, but my knowledge is limited. In the mean time I would sit on the property as property is actual wealth. With the exception of property tax (rent). Which I had to make a blood pact with my father that when he dies I do not refuse to pay property taxes. Personally I disagree with my dad on that issue as once you buy property it's yours and you shouldn't have to pay rent. But he insists upon rent. I honor my father.

ps, don't tell anyone about the fact us enthusiasts barter and trade, we might get taxed on it... :)

Oh, one other thing, about the hunting area. Here, it costs about $750 to hunt for a weekend. That's also a lucrative venture. Not sure about TX though. But I'm sure you could make money hand over fist.

Just some ideas. Maybe even start a small farm on the parcel and have people renting space in mobile homes until you have enough cash to actually farm, then boot them out, and make cash off the hunting area and possible realty. Not that booting wage slaves is a noble idea.

Both working on cars and realty keep my friend happy, and he makes darn good money. Follow your dreams. He did, and he also saved my life by running me over (well by hitting me with his car - don't ask.)

Get your food, clothing, shelter, and have fun at the same time.

I wouldn't mind starting a christmas tree farm, personally, and I may do that some day. That is also a four year plan in the least. The only problem is us wage slaves who might not be able to buy a christmas tree. The Christmas tree is dying.

I wish you the best. If you do want to get rid of classic car parts let me know. I may be able to help in some way. But I would advise you to learn each part. Do you go to swap meets? If not go to them for a year or two.