Comment: This is to Roger Nicholson an embarassment to himself!

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This is to Roger Nicholson an embarassment to himself!

I recently saw your interview with infowars and just a moment ago your silly juvenile tirade directed against Dan Bidondi. In the infowars interview where you mentioned how smart you were with a 130 IQ I wondered had your IQ been higher would you have thought and said the same things and in the same childish mannar, ranting and raving how anyone who might question the true nature of the Boston bombing shouldn't be allowed to drive a car or certainly not own a gun? I wondered had you been smarter would you have thought that those asking legitimate questions were crazy as you intimated? If your IQ was 140 or 150 would you still have been of the mindset that infowars adherents are sucked in "children" not being suitable to own or carry a weapon or to participate in rational thought? Then I witnessed your vulgar display attacking Dan Bidondi and I realized that you are a seriously disturbed child who would better continue with his therapy and not embarrass himself in public as you demonstrated so completely and definitively your need to do so.. I also would suggest that you either figure out a way of raising your IQ or if that's not possible then learning how to think independently of the normalcy bias which may be keeping you from experiencing truth. This might permit you to expand your perception of reality and allow you to be freed from the chains of patriotic illusion which seems to have bound you in an angry mode of being, preventing you from truly seeing and understanding exactly what is going on in the world. So, take a deep breath, try to forget your prejudices, relax, close your eyes, feel secure that the infowarriers are not out to harm you or anyone else and try to open your mind so that you will finally be able to comprehend the truth. Don't be afraid little baby because the truth will set you