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The linked piece does not

The linked piece does not quote Holder saying this, nor does it provide a link to such a statement. It appears that the blog piece is simply extrapolating from the Justice Department's decision to argue against a lower court decision that granted political asylum to a German couple who fled to the U.S. because they wanted to keep homeschooling their children.

This decision by the Justice Department is more about the grounds on which we, as a country, grant political asylum, than about homeschooling. Holder made no such pronouncement about the parents and children to which he is responsible that I could find.

As U.S. citizens, with our Constitution, we may agree among ourselves the our right to life, liberty, and property means we are free to educate our children ourselves. But we have no right to impose those agreements on the citizens of other countries. Government has no right to do so; Holder has no right to do so.

I've seen liberty folks taking up this German family's cause, and I wish to remind them of Dr. Paul's admonish against meddling in the affairs of other countries. It is not our government's role to decide right for Germans; this is the German peoples' role. Meddling by providing political asylum is still meddling.

This website is, on the face of it, not providing context and is stretching credibility.

A few examples:

"Recently, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said that home schooling is not a parent’s right. It is a statement some are saying should frighten American parents."

The only "some" quoted in this piece are foreigners and there is no quote in the piece saying anything about how American parents should be frightened. There's absolutely no evidence for such a statement in the piece.

Moreover, the fainting-couch language -- a mother so stressed by the state taking her children that she may die, other parents proudly saying they'll stick to homeschooling even after their children are gone -- doesn't it just kind of reek? Who acts like that? Wasting away because you didn't win a battle? Caring more about the idea of homeschooling than your own children? There's a rotten smell in such stories -- as least as this website quotes them. That sort of attitude was certainly not how American parents firmed up their right to homeschool over the last 30 years. Victims act like victims. Victims want to be rescued rather than start acting like agents of change. We should have no part in it.

Send them back to their own countries and send the message that the U.S. does not meddle in the interior political debates of other countries. We will not presume that we have anything to say about how the citizens of Germany choose to deal with their government and we will not grant asylum, which means that family is not emigrating the standard way, because those citizens don't want to be part of their government's process.

Non intervention. Let the citizens of other countries find their way. We'll do our best to exhibit a model that works and give the citizens of Germany fodder as they work through the process in their homelands. That's all we can do. By our own Constitution, which does not give our government the power to rescue anyone.

This is exactly how the left gets sucked into stretching the Constitution. You feel sorry for this family. You want to do something. You don't know what that something should be so you say that government should do something. Stick to government's enumerated powers. This isn't one of them.