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Good lesson here

L.O. is a tool bag but this does point out the logical failure of current politics. If you support someone as your leader then their words will be associated with your promotion of them. What if they fail you? If you are your own leader and your only political intent is to know and uphold the rule of law you are immune to this.

Ron doesn't look bad because he is correctin his overall assessment and his wisdom shines through. Voluntary cooperation may have been officially sought but I know how insane storm trooper cops operate and Ron does too. I also know that "voluntary cooperation" was also sought in NAZI Germany when 1000's of people were asked to gather their belongings and get on the train to relocate to a "safer" area. I am sure that Ron is well aware of this history as well and its repugnancy to our form of law.

Rand looks like a damn fool but it seems clear that he will play the politics and he knows that the it really doesn't matter for most of the majority because of their 5 minute attention span.

It seems that most people do not fully realize the danger we are in. Can't everyone see the patterns of "law enforcement" leading up to scenarios like NAZI Germany? All the tools and facilities are in place, the training has been done, the never ended terrorist psyop and conditioning of populace in to more and more compromising "standard" procedures, population stress testing with special ops urban training, militarized "police", papers to move around, entire cities on lockdown and just how "every thing Hitler did was 'legal'" America now has codes in place for indefinite imprisonment and even political assassination and all the camps to go along with it.

These dangers seem to be disregarded as paranoia by the MSM. Prudence in ensuring the protection of law is not paranoia.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...