Comment: If I would have known in 2007, what I know now...

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If I would have known in 2007, what I know now...

I would have never enlisted in the first place. I am in the Army and I am currently in the final 2 years of my contract. Fortunately, when I took the ASVAB I got a 96 and was able to pick any job the military had to offer. I chose a medical job as an X-ray Technician. Of course I am grateful for the education in Radiological services the military (tax payers) has given me, but I'm not so sure it was worth it to sell my soul to a Government, who could really give two shits about me.

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy" - Henry Kissinger (56th United States Secretary of State)

Most politicians in Washington have this mentality and are completely willing to send other peoples children to die for their manufactured wars and not their own.

Not only that, they don't give a shit about veterans when they return home. If a soldier claims PTSD now, their 2nd Amendment rights are stripped. Then they are put on SSRIs for their mental problems which make them worse off, when medicinal marijuana has been proven to be effective for PTSD. If a soldier commits suicide because of the things he has seen in combat and actions he has taken, they tell us to "look out for each other" and other bullshit like that, WITHOUT EVER ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE... OUR FOREIGN POLICY.

I have to sit through Suicide prevention classes multiple times a year, and every time I want to hang myself... and every single time I have to keep my mouth shut because I no longer have the right to free speech when in uniform.

The military doesn't want "a few good men". They want brainwashed androids who will follow any order given to them without question.

That being said. My Oath of Enlistment was to the United States Constitution, and nothing else. Not my platoon sergeant, not my first sergeant, not my hospital commander, not the general of ARMEDCOM, and not the President of the United States.

Counting down the days til when I am out...

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