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Go look up jobs/score - there

Go look up jobs/score - there are references floating around the web, and some aftermarket recruiting books.

But from what I recall, the various line scores mean even more in determining MOS.

But I can tell you from knowing military folk (cause the question came up in my presence) that generally without an ASVAB general score of at least 80, and the proper line scores (I forget which ones, there are a bunch) of at least 110 he has NO CHANCE of any type of SpecOps.

Fact is you have to be tough, AND book smart to even be considered for elite programs. With a general score of 40, unless he has some areas of expertise that he gets really good scores on honestly the only thing he can probably expect is food service or truck driver.

Which is probably the real reason they are filtering him via the psych tests. Lots of people have had ADHD diagnosis and gotten in with no problems. With the military prepping to leave Afghan and possibly scale back, there just isnt any incentive for them to grab just anyone. But they also want a paper trail to provide good reasons why he is denied. Welcome to bureaucracy.

I'd even go so far as to bet that the adderall wasnt an issue until after they got his test scores.

I can also pretty much guarantee that if hed scored a 90+ general and 100-110+ on various line scores and qualified for a MOS like SigInt/Linguistics, EW, Engineering, etc - that childhood ADHD would be completely ignored.