Comment: Not too bad, would it be?

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Not too bad, would it be?

That's 12,850+ views a day.

530+ views an hour.

8 views a minute.

1 view every 7 seconds.

(Very) wild guess... pretend only 25% viewers of this would be (are?) buyers (of physical silver, on this occasion).

Pretend those are all either borderline broke or humble people who can't afford more than a 10 oz extra on average...

That's "just" 180,000 x 0.25 x 10 = 450,000 oz of silver bought upon an awareness message on a single, symbolic day.

Not too bad, would it be?

What if more than 25% viewers instead, what if more than 10 oz average instead, what if it were EACH 1st of Month instead?


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