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Free will comes in

When one puts themselves into a state of I don't know. When one stands naked and humble before the knowledge of the universe and forgets everything they "know" enlightenment is achieved by shedding the ego. The ego is the filter (neural network) through which all physical signals sensed into electrical patterned stimuli are processed and filed into the neural net patterns of weighted experience. Weighted input stimuli in turn feeds bias which in turn feeds the next weighted sum. The result of this ego filtering process in turn weights the logic from previous experience then determines the patterns of neurological stimuli and then electrochemically generates the necessary transporters (chemical language of the cells) to provide the necessary cellular coordinated activities. Notice how the signals filter through the ego that was built by experience. Free will comes in when one simply says I don't know. This can provide an alternate patterned stimuli interpretation bypassing the traditional experience and tap a new neural net root. Tapping this unconnected "virgin" root of a neural net that has not been built yet enables one to free themselves of the previous experience and bias (NULL themselves) and then move freely into building an entirely new experience resulting in completely novel logical weights and bias. The free will is the ability to consciously forget everything you knew and start anew and then have the choice to later connect the two previously isolated neural nets to gain broader experience and more perspectives OR not. As with anything else practice makes perfect. The better one gets at forgetting everything and learning a new perspective the more perspectives that can be achieved. If this is made into essentially a never ending multiplying recursive function this expands experience, diversifies accessible bias, which in turn maximizes the ability for randomness or not. Having the choice of complete and total randomness or strictly biased applications of discreetly isolated task demonstrates free will is accessible. While everything before had to happen to get the neurons physically there the neurons can connect and reconnect based on experience and deterministic behavior can result OR it can be an AND of multiple built perspectives which can result in the flows of patterned stimuli through the existing neurons to be novel. This novelty in the pattern of energy flow of logic is the result of the exercise of the freewill. Knowing a new neural virgin tap root can be access OR not shows that one has freewill. However it appears that not everyone realizes this. If one does not realize this ability to tap a new root then all actions are on a single natural biased net and therefore all electrochemical generations will fall into the same patterns of deterministic behavior and deterministic transporter generation resulting in very predictable patterns of behavior that results from not realizing entirely new perspectives can be accessed and then cross-linked OR not.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...