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Please note:

The slogan, "The only legitimate purpose of government is to defend liberty" may be true and it certainly sounds very nice, but the sad fact is that the constitutional republic adopted by many in America does not serve that purpose.

The current constitutional republic, introduced in 1787, sought to legitimize the initiation of aggression through taxation. That was its purpose, as recognized by anti-federalists at the time. That purpose, it will be noted, is not defending liberty---it is simply theft for the purpose of enriching those who are well connected. The system uses the stolen resources to further its basic agenda, which brings us to the current regrettable state of America.

This observation does not directly address the thesis of the book advertised here, but any rational discussion of that thesis will probably have to come back to this point. It directly addresses slogans like "win the debate" and "run for office" and the sentiment that the current constitutional republic called the United States of America should be preserved at all costs. If these are to be adopted, then there is nothing to think about. The master has been chosen. The debate has been won. The office has been taken. It only remains to lick the hand that feeds and trust that the chains of your own choosing rest lightly upon you.

Anyone who rejects these chains is to be labeled an anarchist and ridiculed as "offering no solution."