Comment: You wont sway him

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You wont sway him

I joined in 03 to "fight the war on terror" (yes it is in quotes for a reason) and nothing anyone said would have stopped me. Life is about blazing your own path, let the boy decide for himself. If he realizes it is a mistake he will live with the consequences.

Wow read some of the comments posted here. I am going to clear up some misinformation being thrown around.

E1-E4 is generally irrelevant. (E4 not so much, but generally still is. E1-E3 definently irrelevant.) Taking community college courses just to boost your rank to E3 is dumb. E2 you get almost automatically out of basic (yes it is automatic), E3 is the same way. The army views privates as privates period. No difference between E1 and E3, they all do details.

Also to note, he makes the claim "He is going to be a Ranger". This is a common army scam. However, going back to my last point, you won't tell him different trust me. The army uses the "Ranger" and "SF" programs to recruit more infantry, because they know the chances of you failing out of the program are very high.

I had a "ranger" contract when I went in. Came out after jump school and went to Bragg to be a "Parachute Infantryman". (aka grunt who jumps out of planes).

Regardless, again let the boy be a man. I find it amusing that here on the Daily Paul, where we preach individual responsibility every day, that people want to micromanage other people. (In this case, his stepson). The problem is, the period of time where micromanaging (parenting) has passed. The boy is a man now. He is now about to be responsible for himself. If you want to be a supportive parent, just accept the fact that he is going to make mistakes in life (Most adults do, I know crazy concept). Maybe this will be one of those mistakes, maybe he will make a career out of it, who knows.

Regardless, stop doing exactly what you preach against! If a man is an adult, allow him to make mistakes.