Comment: I personally am not an AJ or Infowars follower

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I personally am not an AJ or Infowars follower

I have some strong opinions about the whole AJ thing but we will set that aside for now.

I must say, what's the point of this other guy ranting and insulting this AJ reporter? He has actually stooped to the AJ level of tactics. This is the same angle AJ took on Piers Morgan without the profanity.

The AJ reporter actually handled that very well by not feeding into this guys BS.

Furthermore, In leu of recent conflict on this site surrounding the whole conspiracy issues, I'm not so sure this tactic of attempting to defame this Bondi guy really is above the AJ network either. Maybe we should be focused more on the solutions and preservation of rights as suggested by Michael rather than try to antagonize people of a different opinion.

I'm not all high and mighty on myself because I have participated in this stuff in the past. But again, to reinforce the message I got from the guy behind the curtain, he would like to steer clear of this sort of finger poking and keep the salt out of the fresh wounds.

Perhaps I'm wrong but that's what my gut is telling me.

Lets move on shall we?


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