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Part of me would want to engage

Part of me wouldn't due to his FOUL MOUTH.

I think I'd tell him what a foul mouth he has, and that if he didn't change his ways, he'd be in a world of problems.

When this guy came on to AJ's show, Rob Dew should have stuck with ONE issue, maybe TWO and force the guy to respond. So, I'd have stuck with how is it that an UNARMED TEENAGER is getting out of the boat CONSCIOUS, then, the next second we see him bloody on the left side of his face and in "serious" condition? And, I wouldn't have stopped until he answered that question. The teen was UNARMED---furthermore, he hadn't harmed the homeowner, when he could have, as "dangerous" as he was! TWO--I would have hammered the question how was it that Tamerlan was brutally & viciously killed, and KNIVED, when he was seen on video being put inside the backseat of a squad car, next thing we see him dead.

I would have been relentless on those two issues. If he refused to answer, I would have ignored him. If he continued using foul language, I would have ignored him.