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Of course, none of this stuff is free. In fact, it will be quite expensive and time consuming, even if you are a good "scrounger."

In order to offset these costs, you have to have a "day job."

As you have mentioned, there are good "day job" opportunities right on the property.

All of those old cars and parts might just be junk. However, there are often nuggets of gold scattered in the junk. I have a friend who specializes in doing the sort of thing you are talking about with old cars. He inherited some old junk like this from his uncle. It turned out that one of the old cars had some minor historical significance (from a race, decades ago). He spent 4 years meticulously restoring the car, and sold it for around $600,000. There have been many other nuggets of gold in his junk. An old speedometer might be worth $1, or it might be worth $1,000. It depends on what it is. This requires meticulous research (serial numbers, etc.).

The more "practical" and ongoing idea is to develop the security gate business. People are becoming increasingly security conscious, and there is a growing market for this sort of thing. But it is already very competitive, so do your market research first! Security products can be particularly lucrative if you get on the government teat with your products. Government has a rapacious appetite for this sort of thing as the police state expands. And they tend to buy the best of everything. I have often thought that there is an opportunity for security products (windows, doors, locks, gates, fences, etc.) that blend well with conventional construction (i.e.: are not "obvious") for wealthy individuals and for governments.

Anyway, you have an (almost) 10,000 sq. ft. industrial building to work with. This is a lot of space! This gives you a real head start on doing something like this.