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No solution

I wonder if it has occurred to you that some parents out there are not more loving *because* of the way sex and even marriage has become all about *them* and their happiness, and not about the generation and well-being of children?

Not all children are loved, and *your* solution is to take it out on the kids by killing them, instead of being more demanding of the adults who put their pleasure before all other considerations.

I wonder what surviving children think of parents who aborted an earlier brother or sister. Do they think 'how loving and responsible a choice that was?' Or maybe they wonder what their sibling would have been like, or maybe they think 'That could have been me.' How is it for them to realize that their parents' love for them is not based on their innate worth, but only on the whim of their parents wanting them?

Abortion doesn't just kill the unwanted. It can be soul-killing for the "wanted." It leaves mothers and fathers wounded. It leaves society wounded because life is cheapened and worth something only if it is "wanted."

Please rethink your solution, because it is no solution.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.