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read the article that will

read the article that will tell you why you are wrong. Read the post above about the guy in Seattle who told us about the coin shops not having the physical metal. That is why you are wrong. Nice Alex Jones conspiracy reference. I find it funny when simpletons like you want to put people into groups. You are right this site has dropped and gone way down hill because people like you can not read a simple post to tell you why you are wrong. Then you take it personally and have to name call.

Yes the day is coming when my storable food and generator will get me and my family through a very tough time. It will people like you who will be knocking on the door all teary eyed wanting/demanding I help them. I will gladly say but it was your analysis? what happened? you were wrong? gees I'm sorry. CAN'T HELP YOU.

No one is crying themselves to sleep. believe me.