Comment: Sorry Fireant just saw this.

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Sorry Fireant just saw this.

Sorry Fireant just saw this. I will take that bet. Just don't know how we can define it? mint sales? it's going to be hard to say either way. What reference point? See this is the problem. With price in paper spot going down you would think that people were lined up for a mile to SELL their silver and gold. What is happening is that this backfired on the banks who were trying to scare the public into selling and actually people were lined up a mile to come BUY. This demand has been going on for almost a year. It just didn't start on this manipulated paper sell off. As ol "I'm gonna buy all the silver I can stand at 2.00 an ounce" TX said, There was supposedly people selling not buying for the last year. All this paper price suppression did was ignite people to buy. Not sell as the powers that be had hoped. People are paying 500.00 an ounce premiums in Japan to get Gold Eagles. This thing is not going to be straightened out in 90 days. There is NO new supply coming to market. Mines CAN NOT ramp up production. There are some HUGE mines who have been shut down. so I really don't know where you think all this new metal is going to come from.