Comment: I will say this, if he has no interest in college..

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I will say this, if he has no interest in college..

He has no interest in being treated, respected, advancing, and paid well in the military. He is going to be a janitor and personal go'fer and I think he is going in the hard way and just another dispensible asset. He may even possibly join and may not enjoy it.

It is one thing to hate public high school and its b.s., it's a whole 'nother thing to be lazy and not prepare for a military career and avoid college. I recommend joining the military if someone as young as him does this:

1. Worry less about High School graduation motions and the flow it has, he should (even if he is graduating this year) take time to study for the ASVAB and SAT before taking the tests and take them again if his scores suck. Go in just for those two tests gunning for high scores. The goal is to get into a four year college that has an ROTC program. (Preferably the "Chairforce")

2. Join Airforce afterwords as a butterbar. MOS? Dem drones. Get Nintendo metal (i know they scrapped it, get on my level.)

3. ????

4. Profit!

If you can't convince him, well blame the dad if something happens.