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Twitter responses

Collection of twitter responses to this agent provocateur.

@RogNicholson This aberration adores George Bush CIA murders in Central America....El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras & more.
@RogNicholson This devil worshiper strongly wishes Napoleon attacked & imprisoned Thomas Jefferson.
@RogNicholson This sickness is an offspring of unholy union between Aleister Crowley & Ariel Sharon.
@RogNicholson This doucheface wanks off secretly to pictures of King George III. He wishes George III still ruled the colonies.
@RogNicholson This degenerate firmly believes Samuel Adams & James Madison were terrorists.
@RogNicholson This lowlife wants babies forcibly snatched from maternity wards, sent off for irradiation & national ID stamping.
@RogNicholson This ugly punk-head loves licking boots of US taxpayer funded dictators Musharraf & Karzai.
@RogNicholson This buffoon is still upset Alexander Hamilton was killed & unable to impose taxation at rate of 100% on American serfs.
@RogNicholson This patriot believes My Lai civilian massacres in Vietnam & Hiroshima/Nagasaki were biggest American crowning glories.
@RogNicholson This pisser is very happy Monsanto poisoned Vietnamese civilians with Agent Orange. USA!!! USA!!! Proud Patriot.
@RogNicholson This wankjob thanks Zbigniew Brzezinski for having sucked off US taxpayer money for founding Taleban.
@RogNicholson This filth is a devotee of mass murderer & war criminal Henry Kissinger. And Mussolini too.
@RogNicholson This pisshead thanks Abraham Lincoln for suspending Habeas Corpus & single largest mass execution in US history (of Dakotas).
@RogNicholson This abomination jerks off to memories of Woodrow Wilson, for signing away America's financial sovereignty to Bank of England.
@RogNicholson This cokehead worships Andrew Jackson for inspiring future fascists in Turkey & Nazi Germany, through Trail of Tears.
@RogNicholson This scumbag supports Japanese American concentration camps of General Dewitt & Milton Eisenhower & very proud of it.
@RogNicholson This shithead counts fascist murdering scum like FDR and Lyndon Johnson among his heroes. Must be a Stalin worshiper.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!