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"since life begins at

"since life begins at conception and not implantation"

According to which definition of life?

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that the fertilized egg cell can be thought of as a person and is entitled to rights just like any human being. Then the question of abortion is about who has the higher claim to the mother's womb. Is it the mother who was its owner at least up to conception, or is it the fetus who through no fault of his own became dependent on it? The morning after pill tricks the womb into thinking it's not that time of the month when fertilized egg cells are welcome. This is an informed decision on the part of the then-owner at a point where the egg cell has not yet become dependent on the womb.

So I would argue there is a qualitative difference between preventing implantation and killing a fetus in the womb. Whether or not both are wrong. (Edit: *morally* wrong.)