Comment: I saw it last weekend...

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I saw it last weekend...

I hate going to movies anymore...I don't want to send any of my money to Hollywierd! But, my rural town has Sunday matinees for $3, so I figured freakshow Tom Cruise won't be getting much from my wallet...but I'm almost embarassed to write this...I didn't get ANY of the symbolisms and alegories that you all saw! I enjoyed the twist of the clone-thing, I rolled my eyes in disgust at Morgan Freeman being in it, I am a sci-fy enthusiast...I just didn't see the things you all saw in the plot. Perhaps it was my mood that day, I just took it as a face-value story..the fact that even though Jack was a clone with a blank memory, his 'human-ness' couldn't be defeated. At the end credits, I saw that this film was based on a "graphic novel" by so-and-so...sorry, I just don't 'do' comic books.
I did enjoy the story and thought it was well-shot with a good plot twist.

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