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Way too hard to put all that in place in a matter of seconds

Look Hollywood special effects abilities can be pretty amazing. We all know that. But pulling this off with random citizens and tons cops going in every direction and cameras shooting from every direction. That's impossible to control. Let's say government decided to stage a bombing at the Marathon, why would they risk using actors when they could just do the real thing? If they have no qualms exploding people in foreign countries then its not a large leap for them to blow them up here or at least provocateur the incident.

It takes much less effort to cover up and control if the bombs are simply real and real innocent people are hurt. And, you don't have to hope your actors stay in character. Frightened, hurt, scared, freaked out people naturally will act that way. Do you know how many people needed to be in on this for it to be a crisis actor situation? Several hundred at least! How many if the bombs and victims were real? Only a handful and maybe up to 20 or so. If you were a black hearted CIA Black ops supervisor and your job was to pull off a false flag, would you go with crisis actors or would you just plant the bombs? Think about it