Comment: My Wife And I Shop In Josephine County, Oregon, Very Often.

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My Wife And I Shop In Josephine County, Oregon, Very Often.

The CROOKS know there is very little law enforcement, and they come from far away to practice their dishonesty.

While shopping recently, I saw an old pickup with California license plates with 2 middle aged males going through the large shopping center parking lot getting out of the truck, and in broad day light searching for valuables in unattended vehicles, along with trying vehicle door handles.

My wife takes a long time to shop, so I observed them for about 1 hour changing locations in the parking lot and watching their criminal activity. When my wife came out I told her what was happening, but there were "NO" cops anywhere. I also told her we should start carrying, to which she agreed.

My neighbor says concealed permits are very easy to obtain in Oregon, and this was from a family that has 2 active state police troopers, currently employed.

Why doesn't Josephine County have enough money????

My answer is; Because bureaucrats, environmentalists, and others, are preventing the development of almost "ALL" natural resources, including mining of all types, small home businesses,and innovation of all types.

Thanks for the video.