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To clarify my post

It was just a question that I have been thinking and just wanted to throw it out there to see what kind of response I would receive.

I remember a story of a group of Western missionaries in China during the Boxer Rebellion. They were surrounded by the bandits that wanted to kill them. They were armed and ready to shoot to protect themselves. The men surrounded the women and children. As the rebel approached, the leader of the missionaries fired a shot at the rebel leader's horse and he felt from the horse. He told them that we have the ability to shoot you, but we choose not to because of God. So they laid down their weapons. The rebels were amazed but eventually they closed in and killed everyone of them.

So, I guess if you are not a Christian, there's no reason for you not to shoot and kill another person especially in self defense situations. But for Christians, I believe that "self defense" that we commonly believe in, may not be valid as we think it is.

After all God is in control. If He allows the evil to befall us, wouldn't He have the power to protect us? And even if He doesn't protect us, will we turn against His will in such a case?