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straw man , causation, and food stamps

"You are telling me that I have to act a certain way because someone said so. That's far from logic."

That is not what I said, and doesn't represent Christianity.
If you admit logical argument can't change your mind, and then present straw man arguments, it tells me that you are not concerned with truth. Believe what you want, but don't say you weren't warned about where sinful choices lead.

"It's not about immorality and sin. If a person doesn't get "saved" they go to hell, plain and simple. That's what is preached."

Yes they go to hell, but it is not "because" of them not getting saved. If they were not saved and never sinned, they would not go to hell, because it is the sin that sends people to hell and not the lack of intervention. One can't be saved unless they are lost, so a lack of salvation is not causally related to someone going to hell. Salvation is what is known as an intervening factor, so it's lack is not a cause of damnation. This is not difficult logic.

"If some remote tribe has no access to that gospel how would they know who repent to? "

Salvation through repentance and faith in God is not a right, it is a privilege granted by God. If some people who know the consequences yet willfully burnt all of their food don't have access to food stamps and die of hunger, does that mean the government starved them to death? I would expect this argument against God from a liberal, but not from someone on this site.

"If you got damned for your sin then everyone would be going to hell."

I agree, everyone would be going to hell, apart from the grace of God intervening.