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Comment: I agree that we use force on our

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I agree that we use force on our

children. My two-year old really, really wants to run into the street and I force her not to. I don't spank, though. I've learned better tools and I don't want to teach my children the messages behind spanking, either.

But just the same, if my neighbor with Alzheimer's were about to go out in the street, I'd use force to stop him. Being willing to use force has to do with their incompetence and not being ready to handle the natural consequences for the given situation.

I don't believe it makes me any less of a libertarian if I use force to keep my neighbor with Alzheimer's from wandering into traffic.

Just the same I don't think it makes you not a libertarian to spank, it just makes you someone who hasn't been convinced that your obligation to use force doesn't have to include that tool.

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